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Private Conditioning

Advanced Instructor                                                         

75 p/h

700 concession of 10

Master Instructor                                                              

85 p/h

800 concession of 10

Home Program

85 p/session


Service / 


Private conditioning

Tailoring your needs in a private session with an Advanced or Master Instructor.  These sessions are important for injury rehab, pre and post natal and sports specific development. 

Text or call Rebecca to arrange a consultation. 021 886 001


Home Program 

Take the time at home to maintain your body.  We will work with your exisiting training and lifestyle to develop a plan that will work towards your specific goals.  We take into account the time you can spare in your day and what gear you have access to.  These plans can be a one off or an ongoing tutoring program.  Each new set includes a half hour one to one session, or a custom video for long distance students, to explain the details of your set.