Our Story

Tools for the body to live a life of action

Pilates Crew was founded in 2016 by Rebecca Annan as a family practice with a central focus on community learning.   


The in-studio program has ranged from clinical rehabilitation to group reformer classes and we are now excited to bring our Pilates to online clients.

The instructors who have collaborated with Pilates Crew are high performing Pilates practitioners and are noted for the passion they hold for teaching.  Sharing knowledge to empower you is the foundation of our practice. 

Rebecca has been my Pilates instructor for the last 15 years. That probably says it all! I’m no athlete but need to stay fit and stay interested and I think that is the key. Over the years Rebecca has kept my training programs relevant, appropriate and enjoyable. Her knowledge of physiology and how the body works is what stands her apart from many in her profession.  Over time, as well as general fitness, she has had to design rehabilitation programs for me after accidents and operations. I absolutely credit her for keeping my show on the road. All this is obviously important but what keeps me going back year after year is Rebecca’s encouragement, support and care. I always feel good when I leave her beautiful clinic.
Grant Bettjeman

I have trained with and been instructed by Rebecca for 8 years now and can only sing her praises. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how it works and is such a great teacher. In every class she is completely cognisant of each client's specific needs.
I play a lot of golf but have always battled with balance issues. She has helped me so much with strengthening and balance, which in turn has helped enormously with my golf swing. Golf is an incredibly frustrating game when one isn't playing well, I suspect without her guidance I would have given up years ago!
-Carolyn Spilg


Master Pilates Instructor, Director 

Our Master Instructor is Rebecca Annan.  She has been teaching clients and new instructors in central Auckland for 15 years. 


Rebecca specialises in sports specific Pilates and clinical rehabilitation. Rebecca draws from her experience in sport to help coach clients in mind setting, and uses the clinical Pilates methodology to achieve the client’s goals. 


Rebecca is a World Champion Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  She was also previously an international competitor in triathlon and swimming. Rebecca believes the consistent practice of Pilates has been vital for performing at a high level of sport over the last 20 years.

I’ve been lucky enough to have Ally as a Yoga and as a Pilates instructor over the last few years. Her routines are always fresh and challenging, and she’s quick to suggest modifications and alternatives if you’re not feeling up to it, or not ready to try it. I’ve never finished a class and not loved it.
Both with yoga and Pilates, Ally makes sure no-one loses form or intention, although she has the best sense of humour and can make you chuckle while working through crazy poses. As a beginner, it was lovely to have someone who could explain and demonstrate things clearly and carefully; I never felt confused or overwhelmed in any of her classes. You’ll love her!
-Sarah Hood

It is always nice to pass on a really great experience one has in life. Earlier this year I decided to branch out from my normal gym strength and cardio training and take on the challenge of Yoga, Pilates  Mat ,and Reformer ,as my gym was offering both group classes and personal training. It was suggested that I meet with the Gym's main instructor for Yoga and Pilates , Ally Cohen, from that moment on I knew I was going to be in very good  hands , I was so right. Looking back now after some 6 months I cannot believe what I have achieved, and yes I gave 100% ,but the real credit goes to Ally, in every way. Ally takes personal ownership of all her many clients by offering the highest level of personal training I have ever had. Her wonderful open personality and expert knowledge of Yoga and Pilates is only the beginning. I know Ally will continue to a marvellous ambassador for personal wellness in every way. 
- Philip Cross

Ally Cohen

Pilates instructor,
personal trainer

Ally Cohen was born and raised in Northern California. Since the age of nine, Ally practiced yoga, Jazzercise and aqua aerobics! Ally moved to Hawai’i to study at the University of Hawai’i.  There she studied Pilates in the Dance Department. A new passion was ignited!


In 2009, Ally made a move to Auckland to continue her studies at the University of Auckland. From there she continued her practice of yoga and Pilates and in 2016 she began teaching full time as a yoga and Pilates instructor. Since then she has completed multiple yoga and Pilates training courses, including Yin Yoga and Pilates Reformer. She is inspired daily by the amazing changes in her clients wellbeing and wellness. She looks forward to the new chapter at Pilates Crew with Rebecca. Ally will offer small group Pilates mat, Yoga and Reformer classes, as well as a fusion class inspired by yoga and Pilates. She will also offer one on one personal training sessions.

Bruno Maciel

Pilates instructor,
Martial arts expert

Bruno Maciel is a Pilates instructor following the Stability Plus method.
His mission is to cut through the noise in the health and fitness industry in order to empower people to create solutions for lasting results and confidence.

Bruno understands everyone has different needs when it comes to exercising.  He has developed a patient and understanding approach towards teaching his clients while maintaining progress and challenge.

Originally from Brazil, Bruno moved to New Zealand in 2011.  Here he has trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing for the past decade and currently holds a purple belt at Sorriso Jiu Jitsu.

Bruno is a martial artist with 20+ years of experience in combat sports and fitness. From Judo, Aikido, Hapkido, to, Capoeira, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.  A key lesson of martial arts is that strength without control is fundamentally dangerous and can lead to injuries.   Mobility, flexibility, stability and strength are all equally important to anyone looking for long-term health and overall quality of life.